Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How we began

How it all began...Newly single and not ready to mingle... I met my now husband at a time when I was determined to focus on my friends and live up my last months home. I was only 17 and preparing to head off to college with my best girlfriends. Slowly I was charmed by a dashing fellow employee; he was home from college in the exact town where I was soon to travel in 10 months as a freshman girl far away from home. Months later, I was swept off my feet; my resolve crumbled and I became the first and last girlfriend of my husband. Fast forward 4 years, CD and I remained committed to one another and had navigated arguments, sleepless midterm weeks, family vacations, and faith together.  I began to realize that no one could make me laugh, calm me down, challenge me, and frustrate me like Collin. Things were amazing when we were happy but what really convinced me that I wanted to marry CD was when we argued we were still good. I truly believe that single characteristic of a relationship can tell volumes about who the people are individually and also cumulatively as a couple. While I was obtaining my Doctorate degree, we braved two years of long distance, at times days without talking, and months and countries occasionally separated us. Our frustration with being apart led to arguments; that trial taught me that missing someone can be healthy, and defining and striving for your individual goals is essential as long as you do that within the context of your partner's goals. The night before my college graduation, CD and I reminisced at the college campus of all our favorite spots and everlasting memories. As I reflected on how difficult it would be to leave a town that was my home for 6 years, CD got down on one knee, presented the most beautiful ring I could have imagined, and reassured me that we would always find home together. That night would change our lives forever and was the beginning of a journey that has taught me the importance of preparation before marriage and how to reason and struggle my way through being a new wife.  These are all lessons and failures I hope we can embark on together. When CD and I took two solemn vows, we committed to share one life and beat the staggering statistics of divorce in this nation.

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